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Before using any of AMP microscopes, it is compulsory to attend a training session with an AMP staff member. Separate training sessions are required for each microscope and will be tailored to your experimental needs and level of experience. Users are never allowed to train other people. This is critical from a safety perspective. 


Please follow this procedure for account creation


1. Visit our online booking system here ( and follow the link at "If you do not have an account yet..." at the bottom of the page.

2. Fill out the form here ( in order to establish the billing arrangements. Please send the completed form to RSC Services (

3. Once the account is approved, depending on your requirements either,

Model 1, get trained to use a microscope by yourself, please fill in the "Microscopy Training Application Form" under “Request” on the online booking system

Model 2, request for staff-assisted microscopy service, please fill in the "Microscopy Service Request Form" under "Request" on the online booking system, or

Model 3, discuss potential collaboration with AMP staff please contact MA Xiaoxiao (


In accordance with A*STAR’s IT policy, accounts are deactivated if you do not login for 100 days.


From 01 September 2019 onwards, you must have a valid N3 licence from the NEA (National Environment Agency) in order to use any of the microscopes in the A*STAR Microscopy Platform (AMP) that has Class 3b or 4 lasers.


You are welcome to request for assisted usage for any subsequent sessions if you need help, advice, a refresher or specific advanced training, we will be more than happy to help. Please arrange time in advance.

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