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​The techniques available in AMP | LM are:

  • Brightfield microscopy

  • Widefield fluorescence

  • Slide scanning

  • Optical sectioning and 3D imaging

    • TIRF

    • Deconvolution

    • Confocal (scanning and spinning disk)

    • Multiphoton

    • Lightsheet

  • Super resolution microscopy (SIM, dSTORM)

  • F-techniques (FRAP, FRET, FLIM, FCS)

  • Live-cell imaging

  • High content screening and analysis

  • Image processing and analysis

Our fluorescence microscopes are equipped to image the full spectrum of fluorophores:

  • Blue (DAPI, Hoescht)

  • Cyan (CFP)

  • Green (FITC, Alexa488, GFP)

  • Yellow (YFP)

  • Red (TRITC, Alexa568, mCherry)

  • Far-red (Cy5, Alexa647)


Many AMP microscopes are capable of spectral imaging and unmixing.

We have experiences imaging a wide range of biological samples:

  • Bacteria

  • Yeast/fungi

  • Tissues sections

  • Cultured mammalian cells

  • Organotypic cultures

  • Whole-mount tissues

  • Intravital imaging of small animals


Scientific Workstations

BUKOM (Imaris, Huygens)

FIJI (Imaris, CellProfiler)

UBIN (Imaris)

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