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The A*STAR-Evident hereby presents the 3D Advanced Microscopy Course 2022.


Topics covered during seminars (23 Aug 2022) and practical (24 – 26, 30 Aug 2022) are:

  • Widefield Deconvolution

  • Scanning Confocal

  • Spinning Disk Confocal

  • Light-sheet

  • Multi-photon

  • Image Processing & Analysis


Registration deadline is 29 July 2022.

The 23 Aug 2022 seminars are free. As for practical, there is course fee of SGD 200 (GST excluded) per person and he or she needs a valid N3 license for the operation of equipment with lasers.

Due to space restriction, only limited number of people can attend seminars / practical. The selected applicant will be notified by email. To apply for seminars or both seminars & practical, please use the link below:


If you require more details, please email event organizer


Image Processing & Analysis with ImageJ/FIJI (Basic Course)
(runs on demand)


A*STAR-Olympus Advanced 3D Microscopy Course
(Postponed due to COVID-19)

Basic Course 2022.png

A*STAR-Olympus Basic, Fluorescence & Confocal  Microscopy Course 
8, 9 & 10 March 2022