Services & Support

The AMP|EM provides tools and expertise in custom-made, qualitative or quantitative and 2D or 3D ultrastructural analysis of various types of samples from protein complexes to cells, tissues, bio-composites and materials:

  • Consultation on preparation, harvesting and processing of biological samples

  • Electron Diffraction for structure determination of microcrystalline compounds

  • Ultrastructure of protein complexes, liposomes, microbes or nanoparticles

  • Cryo-preservation and Cryo-Electron microscopy

  • TEM analysis of ultra-thin sections from resin-embedded cells & tissue

  • Antigen detection and localisation by immuno-gold TEM

  • 3D-reconstruction of sub-cellular volumes by Electron Tomography

  • 3D-surface morphology of biological samples by SEM

  • Material and bio-composite ultrastructure analysis by SEM

  • Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM)

  • Quantitative morphometric analysis and stereology


What we support

  • Comprehensive service in ultrastructural analysis delivered by our expert staff (Service fees apply as a contribution to facility costs recovery).

  • User training in sample processing, TEM/SEM imaging and analysis (Training fees apply, charged individually per hour)

  • Self-use of facility instrumentation, applicable to accredited independent users after training (Self-use hourly rates apply as a contribution to facility maintenance and consumables).



For service, training or self-use, please submit the Enquiry Form to facility head <> and we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss further details, available tools and options. For general enquiries on service turnover, costs, self-use and other please read the FAQ on our website.

Workflow for Service Support


1.   After assessment of your application, we arrange a meeting with you to discuss technical details, available tools and options. We will need you to provide relevant supporting material and information necessary for assessment of technical feasibility, schedule and costs.

2.   Upon mutual agreement on project feasibility, you fill in and submit AMP PPMS user Application form. Quotation for estimated costs will then be issued via A*STAR Research support centre (RSC).

3.  The service/training/self-use can proceed upon agreement between our staff, you (the applicant) and your P.I. on estimated costs, time schedule and T&C (policies) and after the RSC receives your signed quotation (A*STAR applicants) or your P.O. (non-A*STAR applicants).

4.  You deliver your samples with Sample Delivery Form  and appropriate documentation (see Biosafety and user policy) and according to pre-arranged schedule. Note: Appropriate sampling and handling of biological material are critical for delivery of conclusive results and shall be discussed with our staff in advance.

5.  We keep you updated on progress and completion of analysis. Depending on nature of the analysis and qualitative properties of your samples, we may require delivery of an additional batch of samples to repeat the analysis and/or seek consent of your P.I. to adjust the quotation accordingly.

6.  Upon completion of the analysis, results and data are passed over to you with a summary report. Billing is done through the RSC (direct transfer for A*STAR users or an invoice issued to non-A*STAR users).

Access to EM

Access for A*STAR employees:

Level #B2 via lift from PROTEOS, GENOME or MATRIX building lobby.

Access for external users and visitors:

Please register at the reception desk, PROTEOS building lobby.
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