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Meet the Team


Dr Benoit Malleret holds a PhD in Immunology from Paris University in France and has 10 years of expertise in electron microscopy imaging. In 2008, he joined A*Star to take up a post-doctoral research position to study malaria parasites and host-cell tropism at the Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN). From 2018 onwards, he is a Principal Investigator at SIgN, his laboratory is focusing on erythrocytic immunobiology, physiopathology and cell biology of Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax.

Benoit Malleret, PhD


Head of Electron Microscopy

Office: B2 Proteos

Phone: +65 6407 0067 

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Naila has her PhD in cell biology from Blokhin Cancer Research Center in Moscow, Russia. Aside from cell biology she has experience in molecular biology and research management.


During her subsequent cell and molecular biology training, Naila received US patent on newly discovered GFP proteins with properties were useful for contemporary microscopy and developed fixation protocol allowing better visualization of fine cell structures, such as filopodia.


Before joining AMP Naila had 20 plus years of experience with different cellular and tissue models, which she studied using light and electron microscopy. Her scientific studies are dedicated to cell mechanics, cell signaling and tissue injury compensation, such as spinal cord injury.

Naila Alieva, PhD

Research Scientist

Office: B2 Proteos

Phone: +65 6407 4062


Mufeeda earned her PhD in Biochemistry and Structural Biology from NTU Singapore, studying protein ultrastructure by tag-based electron microscopy (APEX) labelling technique with the use of high-pressure freezing, freeze-substitution and electron tomography.


She also has experience in molecular biology, protein purification and enzyme kinetics.

Mufeeda Madathummal, PhD

Research Officer

Office: B2 Proteos

Phone: +65 6407 4062

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