Q1. How can I request a service or support from the AMP|EM?

Submit the Enquiry form, we will arrange a meeting to discuss your project objectives and needs further and advise on available tools and support we can provide.

Q2. When can I get my analysis project launched?

Usually within 1-2 weeks depending on current load of other projects we support. Schedule for sample preparation, delivery and analysis must be arranged with our staff in advance. We reserve the right to refuse urgent orders when our capacity is full or if we cannot meet your deadline.

Q3. How should I prepare my samples before bringing it to the AMP|EM laboratory?

Specific method of sample harvesting and handling prior/during delivery to our facility is critical for preservation of fine ultrastructure and EM analysis, especially for biological samples. We provide necessary reagents (EM-grade chemical fixatives) and instructions and reserve the right to refuse samples delivered in a quality/quantity which is insufficient for further processing & analysis.

Q4. How long does it take to get results or complete a training on an instrument?

One day to several months, depending on complexity and aim of your project, total amount and type of samples, method of sample processing and imaging and volume of imaging data necessary for qualitative vs. quantitative analysis. Length of training then depends on complexity of an instrument (or method) and on previous experience and learning skills of a trainee.

Q5. What is the cost of analysis performed as a service?

The total costs can vary significantly and depend on complexity and scale of an individual project (see Q4 above). Cost estimate is provided in quotation only after detailed assessment of project proposal. Note please: Time necessary for acquisition of sufficient imaging data for analysis also depends on qualitative characteristics of individual samples. We therefore reserve the right to amend the original quotation accordingly when necessary.

Q6. Can I use the instruments in the AMP|EM on my own?

After training by our staff and passing an assessment test, accredited independent users get access to the instrument(s). Hourly user fees apply as a contribution to facility maintenance and cost of consumables. Users must comply with our biosafety and user policy guidelines. Instruments can be reserved through the AMP|EM staff (whereby staff has a priority).

Q7. What if results provided by the AMP|EM did not met my expectations?

Our priority is to provide conclusive results of premium quality in a reasonable time frame. However, whether the results will be conclusive depends primarily on your experiment set up and qualitative properties of submitted samples (including appropriate controls). We cannot guarantee that results will confirm your original hypothesis or expectations.