About AMP|EM

The electron microscopy division of A*STAR Microscopy Platform (AMP|EM) supports scientific research and users from A*STAR, Academia and industry. Focused primarily on biomedical applications, our team provides tools and expertise for ultrastructural analysis of material, biological and bio-composite samples by a range of Transmission and Scanning Electron microscopy techniques.


Our operations cover

  • training

  • user support

  • consulting on sample preparation

  • full assistance in sample processing

  • microscopy imaging

  • qualitative/quantitative data analysis


The facility houses two SEM and two TEM microscopes from JEOL and uses state of the art sample cryo-processing units from Leica Microsystems.

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AMP-EM poster 2018.jpg


Moidas mutant mice reveal a two-step process for the specification and differentiation of multiciliated cells in mammals. Lu H et al.; Development 2019; 146(6)

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